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Central project objectives



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 Central projec objectives

The SPARK project aims at a transfer of innovation in knowledge between VET, VET-related organizations and professional bodies by looking at the European qualification structure, the European legislation regarding the sector of heat-pump technology, refrigeration and air conditioning and by adapting competence profiles, training materials, methods and approaches towards this structure and legislation The following activities are to be carried out:

Inventory and analysis of competence profiles, training materials, legislations;

1.            Adaptation and upgrading of competence profiles, materials, methods and approaches to the EN13313 standard and the use of F-gasses;

2.            Translation of product results into English;

3.            Organizing pilots for trainers and students;

4.            Realisation of practical ICT solutions for making results available for a wide range of users;

5.            Realisation of an ICT competence measurement tool adapted to the use of the sector.